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Who Are We

We are a collective group of vaping experts and ex-vapers, some of which have been vaping for years and all were ex-smokers. We wish to help the community of vapers wishing to quit.

We are a voluntary group who received no funding from e-cigarette companies, sponsors or states, therefore enabling us to speak the truth as honest or hurtful as it may be about the vaping community and it's critics.

Although all of us are keen advocates for people to quit vaping, we are not against the use of e-cigarettes, and understand what vaping is and the real benefits it has helping people quit smoking. We do however strongly support the regulation of e-cigarettes and vaping products including e-liquids. The use of these products to minors is becoming out of control, and the need for stricter regulation is urgently required.

We are a young organization, just getting started, but already receiving messages from people wishing support to quit vaping and find our tips on quitting vaping useful. If you are interested in helping, then please contact us.


Our Team of Contributors

Nicholas King

Nicholas King


Nicholas King is well known in the vaping community and is currently the chief editor for the popular vaping site SmokeTastic.com. He writes reviews and informative articles for one of the top vaping sites, Smoketastic.com. Nicholas has been vaping since the early days, where the choice was a problem but believed this to be a solution for smokers wishing to quit who failed at other smoking cessation such as patches and gum. Working as a business consultant, he worked part-time writing about his experiences with e-cigarettes. He also worked with some e-cigarette companies such as Green Smoke, V2 Cigs, VaporFi, Joyetech (to name a few) offering them valuable insight and suggestions on their product and marketing strategies.

Nicholas joins Quit Vaping.org as a resident expert, he is here to ask your questions too if you have concerns and he will also be writing a few articles for us that you may find interesting and entertaining.

Having vaped and written about vaping since the beginning of the craze, I have learned a lot about the products and the practice. Feel free to shoot me a message and I'll help you through your quit vaping journey. If I can't answer them, a member of my team will surely be able to help!

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